Lord Kalika Puja

To Avoid Evil Spirit

Kali Matha Pooja is considered to be one of the principal Pooja in the MahaVidya's Pooja. ... The Maa kali is supposed to kill the demons and drink all their blood so that no other demon rises.The Maa Kali Pooja is considered to be very auspicious because she protects the individual from the evil energy or black magic. Kali Matha Pooja is thought of as among the principal Pooja from the Maha Vidya’s Pooja. The Maa Kali is designed to kill the demons and then beverage most of their bloodstream so that no additional freak rises. The Maa Kali Pooja is regarded as very promising because she protects the person in the wicked Astrologer Sri Krishnaor black magic. The livelihood of someone is likewise maintained, and no lack of occupation happens

lord kalika matha